The Idea

Who are we and what we aim to do

Let's do it Belgium  is a civic movement part of Let's do it World, one of the fastest-expanding civic movements in the history. Let's Do It! movement was born in 2008 in a little country of Northern Europe – Estonia. 50.000 people came together to get rid of 10.000 tons of illegal garbage from roadsides, forests and towns, cleaning the entire country in just 5 hours.

The short video about the action inspired people in many different countries to do the same. Thus, the network of people, determined to organize massive cleanup actions to clean their home countries, started to grow. By today, more than 100 different inspired cleanup actions, engaging altogether more than 5 million volunteers, have already taken place in different countries.
World Cleanup 2013 will consist of separate one-day cleanup actions, carried out country-wide or city-wide in the 96 participating countries between March 2013 and September 2013 and it is supported by a European Parliament written declaration.
Next year Belgium will participate for the fifth time in the biggest clean-up on earth, following a successful campaign in Belgium in 2015.  The big days for the  country-wide clean-up will be 18-20 March 2016.