Message from KRIS PEETERS, Minister-President of the Flemish Government

Dear Let's Do It Belgium,

I would like to send you my congratulations, and thank you for your civic initiative to contribute to the removal of trash and waste.
I was also informed that Minister SCHAUVLIEGE ( Minister for Environmental Matters in the Flemish government ) also undertakes actions and, together with OVAM ( Government Agency ) supports municipalities in their struggle against waste in the campaign ' IN DE VUILBAK '.
The operational department of OVAM is also in contact with your initiative.
I would dare to hope that , also as a result of your efforts, the waste-problem in Flanders can be diminished and that every citizen of Flanders will put his/her waste where it belongs: in the dustbin.

Geachte Let's Do It Belgium,

Ik wens u te feliciteren en te danken voor uw initiatief om vanuit een burgerinitiatief mee werk te maken van de aanpak van zwerfvuil en sluikafval.
Ik verneem dat ook minister Schauvliege met de OVAM akties tegen zwerfvuil op gemeentelijk vlak ondersteunt met de campagne “in de vuilbak” en dat de operationele werkgroep van OVAM ook overlegt met uw initiatief.
Ik durf hopen dat mede dankzij uw inzet de zwerfvuil-problematiek in Vlaanderen kan verkleind worden en dat elke Vlaming effectief afval in de vuilbak gooit.

Vriendelijke groeten,
Kris Peeters Minister-president  


  I have taken part in Let’s do it Romania in the past and it was great to see we were able to do the same here. School students, families, singers etc all gathered to clean-up, share ideas and spread the joy. We are looking forward to the clean-up in 2013  Raluca - Participant

  We've had different clean-ups in different parts of Belgium but it was nice to see something national going on Marie - Participant

  It was a special day, we were cleaning and we saw people stopping on the street congratulating us, asking us who we are and if we are actually doing this for free Diana - Participant

  I heard about the campaign in Estonia and it was great to be part of this big movement in my own country. Hope we will grow even together bigger in 2013 Edson - Participant

It's nice to read all these positive comments! Although the current CLEANUP is still going on there are already ( embryonic ) plans for the future. In Belgium there are lots (!!) of local initiatives already.
The aim of LDI-BELGIUM is to combine all these efforts into one single national CLEANUP for the whole of the country.IN DE VUILBAK has been a valuable partner for the logistical part of the Cleanup in Flanders.
The next step is to convince all the waste intercommunales to link together their regional initiatives. Furthermore we are already into contact with SWELL , organiser of the BEACH CLEANUP , to synchronize our two campaigns
in 2014. Another aim is to determine a common date with our LDI-collegues in France and Holland , and so create one big Westeuropean action.
More news follows lat er onwards on this website and via the FB-Page.
Last announcement: DENIS STARK, initiator of LET'S DO IT ! RUSSIA, will come to ANTWERPEN on May, 3rd to talk about the CU in the Russian Federation.
Jef - Coordinator Flanders, LET'S DO IT ! BELGIUM

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