Let´s Do It Events

Let's Do It ! Belgium's main events in 2018

The dates for Let's Do It Belgium's team main campaign events in 2018 have been set

  • The LDI BELGIUM Cleanup campaign date has been scheduled a bit different from the previous years, during the weekend 20-22 April.
  • This will serve nevertheless as a "rehearsal" and "warm-up for the main waste cleanup event in 2018 in Belgium and everywhere else: the World Cleanup Day 2018, scheduled to take place on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2018.

More details regarding the upcoming World Cleanup Day 2018 campaign are available in French and Dutch. Should you want to get involved in any of these campaign, just say the word.

Let's Do It ! Belgium - European petition

Let's Do It Belgium has launched a European petition whose main objective is to put the deposit money proposal on the EU's political agenda.  The goal is to collect one million signatures in the entire EU and present these to the Environmental committee  of the European Parliament. If the proposal is adopted by that body there is a good chance that the European Commission will implement it as EU legislation, meaning that it will be implemented by all member states.

Currently the petition has been spread in 6 languages already: Dutch (on petition site AVAAZ) , English (AVAAZ) , French (MES OPINIONS), Hungarian (AVAAZ), Romanian (DE-CLIC), Spanish (CHANGE.ORG), Russian (AVAAZ) and Italian (care2 Petitions) . We are still looking for translation into more languages, so any help is more than welcomed.

And of course, thank you for your support in singning it, in whichever of the above language versions.

Interested to join the Let's Do It Belgium team? 

WIth an outlook to the upcoming 5th national cleanup campaign, but not only, Let's Do It Belgium is looking for an enthusiastic and motivated colleague to join  the team as the official coordinator for the Wallonia region.

If you are living in Wallonia and are interested, leave us your credentials or drop us an email.

Certificate for participating in Let's Clean Up Europe 2014

As a token of recognition and appreciation of its efforts during the Let's Clean Up Europe 2014, Let's Do It Belgium has been awarded a certification of participation. Many thanks.

Klean Foundation

All we have to do is to pick up one piece of litter during the upcoming 2017 Clean Up Campaign.
“Only one piece? But how will that help?” It will make all the difference in the world.The Plastic Soup is made that way! Due to millions of people dropping a plastic bottle (or bag) on the street, thinking "Oh, it's only one" more than 50 billion ton plastic floats in our oceans. See how powerful this principle is!

If every person takes part, we'll have a new problem, there won't be enough litter left to pick up.

It is becoming more and more apparent that litter is turning into as big a problem as carbon dioxide emissions! Take a look below at the film by Chris Jordan (backed by the Klean Foundation). But it's also the easiest environmental problem to put a stop to.If only 1 in 4 people pick up one piece of litter every day, there'll be none left. This is an initiative by the Klean Foundation.