Get Involved

Join us in the biggest cleanup on earth! After a successful pilot edition in the Flemish Region in September 2012, a major cleaning operation for the whole of Belgium will be held the weekend of March 15 to 17, 2013.

There are various opportunities to get involved:

Join the national team

We still need responsible, motivated people for coordination for the media, schools, associations, municipalities, etc. You can also become a Local Area Coordinator for your town/neighborhood/region/group. Join us.

Spread the word

If you have friends who might be just looking for a chance to save the world, then be kind and help them out! From the Spread the Word section you can find videos, flyers, newsletters, banners and other materials you can use, to let your friends know about the Cleanup and invite them to join..

Join the cleanup day

You can dedicate one day to make a big difference. Bring your friends along and help out by simply cleaning up. Subscribe for cleanup and we will put you in contact with the local area coordinator in your region, or you can become one yourself!.


If none of these work for you, but you are still determined to save the world from being wasted, contact us.